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Why can't I receive email?

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My sister has been using IncrediMail for many years, but today she noticed that she is not receiving incoming messages. She receives the incoming messages on her pad and phone, but gets a technical error on her Windows computer. Is there a solution?

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Most likely the issue with IncrediMail is caused by the improper account configuration on your PC or because the software is not allowed to communicate with the Internet servers because of the built-in firewall. I recommend checking the account settings and eventually re-add the account, but beware that removing an account will also delete other emails, therefore create a backup.

Additionally, switch to Thunderbird as it's more reliable than IncrediMail and provides additional info.

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Check and see if you can use a browser and use that mail service with the ports your email company tells you to use and if that works check the port settings in Incredimail, many times your pad uses different ports then your desktop.

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