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Why doesn't sweetIM work for me on my Yahoo Messenger?

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I just downloaded the sweetIM audibles for my IM's on Yahoo Messenger 9.0 and I can't make it work. It's not even showing up on my chat window where it used to be since I upgraded to 9.0. Can you help me or guide me through what I need to do to get it functioning again? It used to work fine with my previous version of messenger. Thank you in advance.

P.S: This is an awesome feature for IM users. I recommend it highly if you like to IM and laugh and have fun.

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You need to update the application to reflect the latest version because it's possible that your installed version is not compatible with Yahoo Messenger 9.

I would like to warn you about this application because once installed, it's hard to uninstall it from your computer and many people avoids it.

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