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Rise of Atlantis won't work and support will not respond to my call for help

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My computer will play the free trial version. I tried downloading the full version off went thru the process but would not play. so i bought the actual plays at my work buy not at my home computer. so its a legit copy. I've taken off windows media 11 and i've taken off firefox....and still it won't play. it went thru the process of downloading and i could hear my computer accepting it...but when it came to the "PLAY" it went to a big blue screen that said TERMINAL stystem ( the company that owns it) then after a few disappears and my desktop is all that is displaying. what setting do i have that is preventing it from coming up?

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I had a full copy of this game which I am totally addicted to. Unfortunately when I switched over to windows 7 it stopped playing. The troubleshooter from Big Fish games tried to help me but to no avail. It just isn't compatible. :o(

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