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How to create a playlist while using free media player?

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I am now using FreeSmith Video Player. Everything works well. I'd like to create a playlist for my favorite video files, but I don't know how to do so. Anyone who has used FreeSmith Video Player or who knows the way how to create a playlist, please tell me. I really want to have these video files in a complete playlist. Thank you.

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In order to create a playlist in FreeSmith Video Player, you have to click on the List button, from the right-down corner of the window. A new panel will open in the right side of your player and by pressing "+" you will be able to add multimedia files to a playlist. When the list is complete, press the "Save playlist to file button". If you want to load a playlist, you just have to hit the "Load playlist to file" button, from the same panel.

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