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How to stream Blu-ray 3D ISO from Mac to Samsung Smart TV?

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How to stream Blu-ray 3D ISO from Mac to Samsung Smart TV?

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You can stream all your content to the Smart TV using Plex. Plex is a media server which allows you to share the content on a PC with various devices including a Smart TV. Luckily for you, the application is available for Mac (server) and for the TV as an app which can be downloaded from the local store.

Download the program on Mac and configure it by adding paths to your content and then install the tool on the TV using the built-in store. Input the IP of the Plex server from the Mac and you are ready to stream everything you have on your Mac. It's easy and efficient.

Please notice that your smart TV should feature 3D support and you will need special 3D glasses. The Mac also needs to be powerful enough to stream such high quality.

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