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How can I open files in the PS format?

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How can I open files with PS extension?

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A PS file (PostScript File) is practically a vectorial format. You can use any of the applications listed below to open it.

-Adobe Illustrator CS6
-Adobe Acrobat XI
-Adobe Photoshop CS6
-Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
-ACD Systems Canvas 14
-ACD Systems ACDSee 15
-GPL Ghostscript

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how to open a file with the extension . ps ( Postscript )
By the touch Click on September 9, 2013 | From
File extension . Ps Perhaps there are some of us who are wondering about the file extension . Ps.Mungkin because the file extension is less familiar and common in our ears and most of us are more familiar with the extension . Pdf ( Portable Document Format ) . Well sometimes the problem arises when we are searching for and downloading the online journal , online ebook but the extension ends . Ps ( Read dot PS ) , then this file postscript file including the file types that berektensi because the sound is not so common file extensions are so many difficulties how to open it , what software to use more his pass .
In this article the author wants to share a bit of knowledge of how the steps to open a file that beresktensi Postscript or , I will give an explanation step by step until the file can be opened and read normally . to open a file that beresktensi Postscript or PDF Creator need software that can be downloaded for free via the Internet . The first step first download software PDF Creator Install Instructions Click here following PDF CREATOR .

Download PDF Creator Software via the link above
Next run the file by double click PDFCreator - 1_0_0_setup.exe
Select the Indonesian or English then click OK

 Then click the Continue button

Select the option " I accept the agreement " then click the Advanced button

Wait program automatically download the installation files of PDF Creator

Then Click Continue
Fill in the form name in the Name of Printer , the default name PDFCreator click the Continue button
Choose where PDFCreator software would be installed , default at C : \ Program Files \ PDFCreator next 10 . Click the Continue button
On the Select Component leave Default form ( Custom Installation ) and press the Continue button
It comes form the Star Select Folder menu can be selected or leave the default to the name PDFCreator 13 . then click the Continue button
In the Select Additional Tasks form Check the Associate PDFCreator with the . Ps file extension 15 . Next click on Advanced
Click the Install button to install PDFCreator
click Finish

Then the next step :

Open the PDFCreator software that we installed earlier PDFCreator by clicking on the desktop icon , then we click on the white plus sign icon for the file took this extension . Ps we are going in the open
And will appear as an image , select the file and click the Open button
Once you press the Open button the image will appear , then click the Save button
After pressing the Save button appears form the Save As file storage , and click Save to save the file extension . Ps which has been converted into a PDF file ( Portable Document Format )
Use the PDF file reader ( PDF - Viewer , Adobe PDF Reader , Foxit Reader , etc. ) to open the file .
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Right click the file, select open as, then choose PS. Otherwise u can open PS first, then drag the file to PS interface.

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