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Selecting a com port on Polarget bootloader.

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On the Polargen bootloader the COM port is set on 22 and if changed there is prompt that says this is not a Polar Power genset. That said, on the controller whenever the connect button is clicked there is a message saying "Serial port COM1 does not exist. Please check your settings". What should I do?

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It must be a mistake because the COM port should always be used as COM1,COM2, etc. Port 22 is used to SSH which has nothing to do with this. Please change it to COM1 instead of the 22 value.

If you're using the Ethernet method, please leave port 10001 as default.

On the other hand, you will need to install the drivers for the device to be recognized, but usually this isn't the case because Windows automatically installs these ports when a device is plugged-in.

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