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ZTE Merit Z990g web browser questions.

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Ok, I'm trying to activate my Netspend card online, when doing so I'm told my cookies are disabled. I am instructed to go to browser settings: menu icon > Settings > Show advanced settings > Content settings in privacy section > Allow local data to be set.

When I go to Google on my ZTE Merit Z990g the only settings I see is the search settings and I don't have any option to view or change anything else.

So the question is what browser does the Z990g use and how do I gain access to the settings to allow 3rd party cookies or whatever so I can activate this Netspend card?

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Sometimes the built-in browser simply isn't worth the trouble. Since it's an Android phone, use Dolphin Browser as it's the best replacement possible for an Android phone. Dolphin allows you to configure privacy settings regarding cookies; and it offers desktop mode for your phone, which is even better when you try to perform a desktop-based operation.

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