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How to remove DNS Changer virus?

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I got a DNS Changer malware virus from a deleterious site and I am stuck. I don't know how to get it removed. My antivirus AVG was blocked. I'm using my DS to send this question as my computer won't even let me log on.

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If you are infected with this virus you should take emergency precautions because all your data is now exposed to attackers. Use another computer and browse to the official anti-DNS changer virus website called DCWG. There are several tools listed there that should be able to remove the virus.

Visit this page first to check if the virus is active and still running.

If you don't have access to a computer, it is recommended to format the C: drive then reinstall Windows followed by a fresh scanning of the other partitions. It is important not to access them after Windows has been reinstalled because if those are infected, it will reactivate the virus.

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thanks for your help i have cheaked the computer for the DNS Changer and it said that i was infected by it so i went onto my other computer which is a imac and found a sofwere that removed the main virus and two other trogens that came with the main virus thank you for helping me i used AVG Anti virus to remove the viruses

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