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Website.informer keeps showing personal details

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I had a domain 2 years ago and put in my personal information like phone number and e-mail address and even house address without turning protection on. I later turned the data protection on, yet has my old data. I tried contacting the customer support and have received no assistance. The whois data is now almost 2 years old. I even tried putting in fake data. It still didn't change a thing in website.informer. This problem is unique to website informer because other whois websites do not show my data in their website because of the privacy guard. This problem is two years old now. It is kind of pathetic from the side of the, that they are not doing anything about it, in spite of the numerous bug reports. This puts all webmasters at risk by making it easy for identity theft and phishing.

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We don't usually have any problem with these takedown requests and are generally quick to react to those. Were you using the same contact form offered by Julia?

Anyway, just post the list of pages you'd like to have removed or updated (or file the list at and we'll fix them.

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Website section holds information about a very large number of domains and the domain data is updated once a user searches for a certain domain then the data is submitted automatically to servers and it will be updated once the server update is in progress. It seems that nobody performed another look for your domain and such the records are outdated. Again, the data is updated with every search in place for the respective item.

As a suggestion, try to use the contact form from the bottom of the page and state your issue.

Have a nice day.

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I asked a support request several times. I looked up my website using the website.informer tool and also did some of my friends from in my home country. We been doing this many times. Still the data is not updated. The contact form below the website is there for namesake and is of no use.

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I have the same problem with a .ws domain.

This site ( never updates its datas but they can be retrieved on google !! :(

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