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How to play Blu-ray on iPhone 5?

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How to play Blu-ray on iPhone 5?

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Now,with the help of Macgo Blu-ray media player, all the Blu-ray movies are available on your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. I'd like to give you some guide about this

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Playing Blu-ray video is possible on iPhone 5 only if these video files are converted to the supported file formats. For this purpose you can use DVDFab. Download and install the application then click on Ripper, load the video, select the video stream and subtitles. To make it compatible with an iPhone you need to click on Profiles > Apple > iPhone 5 multichannel. Start the process and wait for files to finish, then you can transfer the movie to your iPhone.

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It's impossible to play Blu ray directly on iPhone like your way, you want us to convert to other formats.Bad idea!

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