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Problem with 4eyeDeluxe 4 channel USB adaptor.

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I have 4eyeDeluxe 4 channel USB adapter and I encounter the same problems. I can't record or use motion detector, etc. I did not understand your answer.

Please use the configurations menu to tweak your device because basing on the errors you posted the software can't connect to cameras to start the proper recording. Please check that all filters are installed and available because there can also be a problem with the encoding procedures.

There is no configuration menu. What do you mean by "filters" ? Would that be what I mistakenly call drivers? I receive no help from company that makes the product. Only contact is with the "Sales Manager" and she is no help at all. Keeps telling me to make sure I plug-in both USBs on Y cable. I would appreciate help on this. Have on Windows XP updated to SP3. I have been working on this for weeks.

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Codecs are usually called filters. The driver is something you install when you plug-in the device and these devices have their own software which makes viewing possible. You will need to use that software for recording purposes.

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