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How to completely delete the data on the computer?

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Is it possible to restore private data on my computer if I emptied the bin, deleted history and cache? Should I format the hard disc? What should I do to delete the data forever and make it unrecoverable?

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Sure, formating will help. But you have to use normal formating, not "fast".

Or I know the other way. You can write a lot of trash data to make you hard full of it (500 GB of 500 GB) and delete it. After any trying of restore your data it will be trash-data restored. yes

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There is a solution for this problem and it's called DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke). If you have a USB stick, download the ISO and burn it using UNetbootin using the ISO option. If you prefer CD burning, you can use ImgBURN to burn the image then restart the computer, select the preferred boot option and launch the application. It will completely wipe your hard disk making all the files permanently unrecoverable.

On the other hand, you can restore the data with R-Studio Data Recovery, an application created to restore softly deleted files.

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Hi, you know, deleted files in any storage won't be erased from space immediately until new data save and overwrite them. So, if you want to recover deleted files from computer, you had better not use your conmputer so much to avoid data overwritting. When I accidentally deleted photos from mylaptop last month, I used a tool named Tenorshare Data Recovery to recover deleted files from Windows 8 computer, you can have a try,

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