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What is Catvisa.exe?

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What is Catvisa.exe?

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CatVisa is a cataloging application from the Visa company. The program was designed to keep records of your credit cards as well as detailed information about purchases made with credit cards. It also notifies you about any expiration dates of your credit cards. Somewhat, this application was bundled with the installation of another product. You can remove it from the Control Panel under Programs or Add/Remove Programs.

In order to prevent it from starting, go to Startup tab of the configuration utility (Start > Run > msconfig) and uncheck it.

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Catvisa.exe belongs to important system process that helps Windows Operating System run stably.Many PC users have reported that their computers always crash without warning, blue screen of death will come up frequently especially when they try to launch some programs or even open a new tab on the browser. What is more, some cyber criminals use the name of the Catvisa.exe to disguise the viruses, some security programs like Windows Firewall or Defender can be cheated completely.Here is a post about Catvisa.exe error:
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