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What is PsiService_2.exe service and what is it supposed to do?

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The process "PsiService_2.exe" is running on Windows XP SP3. It is harmful?

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PsiService_2.exe is a Windows process what is used by Corel Draw for activation purposes. The process gives you the ability to register the application. Turning the service off from Start > Control Panel> Administrative options> Services will affect the normal functionality of your Corel software. It may not be necessary for the service to run but if you do decide to stop it permanently, next time when you launch the application it will ask you to perform a fresh installation because something went wrong and Corel can't verify the authenticity of your registration data.

My recommendation is to keep the process running because it's safe and does not harm your computer. The fingerprint regarding the memory may be high but on a fast computer with decent components it should be OK.

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