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Factory reset operation for Wintouch Q72 tablet.

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I have a Wintouch Q72 tablet. It gives me a message of the "too many pattern attempts" error. What username and password are needed to unlock it?

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This tablet uses Power + Volume down combination to enter recovery mode. Press these buttons and wait until the Android logo appears. A service menu will also appear so you can use Volume Up/Down to navigate and Menu as the OK button. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and let the tablet reset. You can also unlock it using a PIN you'll receive if you use e-mail recovery.

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Wintouch Q74 hard reset, press and hold down power + volume down key for about 30secs,it will display android system recovery mode. press volume down to navigate to wipe data/factory reset, select option by pressing power key. after process is completed press power key to reboot system.
Note: it was not easy getting to the recovery mode, i was able to do it after several attempts

asked Jan 4, 2014
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I want to reset my Wintouch Q74 tablet.
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Morning for all, i have a wintouch k72 whitch is blocked by the pattern is forgotten. Now, i try reset it but, i don't know to do. please help me to resolve my problem. thanking you in anticipation

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