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Is there a version of Visio that will run on Mac?

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Is there a version of Visio that will run on Mac?

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Visio is not bundled with the Mac version of the Office package. In this case, you have two options: an alternative or Windows emulation which allows you to install Microsoft Office. For alternative, I recommend LucidChart. It's an online service which practically emulates Vision from top to bottom plus extra features. If you prefer Windows emulation, you can go with Bootcamp (the pre-built feature which allows Windows installation next to Mac OS installation) or Parallels Desktop which lets you run Windows inside Mac OS giving you access to Windows applications with a switch of a button.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft as not allowed Visio to enter the Mac world. There are a couple of options.

  1. You can download an alternative diagramming software which can be costly and still not be able to manage Visio files.
  2. You can download a dual-based software like CrossOver which allow you to run Microsoft on your computer, but again that can be expensive (pay for the product and Visio).
  3. Find an online diagramming tool. There are lots to chose from, but I personally prefer using Lucidchart as it is free and can edit Visio files which is an added bonus when you work with Visio users.

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