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How can I use Genie 2000 on 64-bit Windows 7?

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I have installed Genie 2000 software on my 64-bit Windows 7, but when I try to run the VDM service manager file, it shows VDM has stopped working. Can someone explain to me why this happens and help me out?

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Genie 2000 is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows XP Professional, SP2, Windows Vista® Enterprise and Business Editions, Windows 2003 Server R2 and Windows 2008 Server (32-bit). As you can see, it does not have support for 64-bit. Since it's software used in the scientific area, it's possible that although it has Windows 7 support, 64-bit is not supported because these tools require extra development. In this case, you should contact the company which develops the application.

Due to its compatibility issues, when you try to run the application, it conflicts with the operating system's core and so it shows errors.

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I have installed the software on Win 7 64 bit OS. The installation process gets completed but when i try to run the VDM service manager, a notification ,that the Genie 2000 VDM service manager has stopped working, pops up. Is this because of compatibility issues? What can i do to solve it?
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I have installed the genie 2000 un a windows 7 64 bit.
VDM interrupt when windows start, so you have to go in the task manager of window, then services, search VDM and restart it from there..

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