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Error while using Genie 2000

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I have installed Genie 2000 software on my 64-bit Windows 7, but when I try to open data file, it shows the following message "Error ece99e48: cannot create handle to connect to VDM". How to solve it?

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Unfortunately, there is no info related to the error that's appearing to you. Firstly, I would recommend accessing the Help database within the program. Many developers choose to place important information in that area. Sometimes these errors are explained there. Secondly, use the link below to contact the developers of the application. They should provide additional details and ways to fix the error.

Customer Support:

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I´m sorry if i´m late, but only now I saw your question. May be you are using the 32 bit driver instead of the 64 bit vrersion. Ask Canberra for this driver.

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This is a late reply and probably of no use, but hopefully it will be of use to someone.

This is a general error that you are not connecting to the VDM and can be caused by multiple things. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, and that you installed properly.

I had this error and it was because VDM was in a special mode. If you go into the about VDM from the icon in the bottom right you can see if you are in this mode (it is bolded and in the centre of the about popup). If you are in this mode, you need to restart the VDM by pressing restart. DO NOT stop and start, you need to restart it without stopping to go into the proper mode.

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