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my usb doesn't display its space

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am having a usb that doesn't display its space any more and when i check its properties it shows 0 bytes

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There are certain reasons & some very easy fixes:


  1. The USB is not yet formatted.
  2. The system you are using has its port as FAT & not NTFS.
  3. The USB has been affected either by Virus or Trojan, etc, i.e., it has become malicious.
  4. The USB is corrupted.

Solutions--> (point wise)

  1. Please format the USB either via right clicking & formatting from the options, or through cmd (command lines). Do give a name once its formatted.
  2. The Current market USB are all NTFS formatted & not FAT, & since the OS might be FAT Port accessible, you would have to follow the same point 1 process.
  3. If this is the case, then please run a scan through MBAM or GMER, which will check for any Trojans & any Root-Kit problems for the same.
  4. For this point, there is no solution, but to get it replaced if within period, or buy a new one.

Hope, this helps.

Please do let me know, if this helped or not!

::Cheers:: :)

::Vishal Bakhai::

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