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SI reports an update to 2.1?

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Why has SI been saying there is a VLC version 2.1 for the last four months when none exists (at least not their website,

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Please check the latest updates on the forum that they post, though that is limited to members, but joining is free for that forum.

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Are you using 64bit (X64) version of Windows? If so, then this is the VLC Nightly Version (2.1.0 64Bit), which is why it is showing as that. (It is currently Beta Version).

VLC Nightly

This is the version which is only for the forum members & will be available in the market only once the testing is completed. Hence, it would not be available, however, there are many users of SI who are members of these forums, so, since they have the experimental or test versions installed & since SI takes info from the registry, thus this is updated in the server, however, the SI would not be able to provide the link, till it appears in the market.

Thus the Version update is found, but the download links are available only to the members by the forum.

Hope this makes sense. :)

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