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What is a runtime error?

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This is my 3rd product (a Roxio user of several years)- Creator Pro 2012. What or why does it come up with a runtime error? When I am downloading from the web,
I have uninstalled the product and re-installed and repaired it but still after one or two downloads to "copy & convert" pending being converted from AVI to DVD it brings us this error. I use Windows 7 on an HP PC.

I have the latest Roxio 2012 product version 13 5.6.

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A runtime error is related to a software or hardware problem. It's most often encountered when there are compatibility issues between two applications or an application and the operating system. Since it's tricky to diagnose the cause of this error, it is recommended that the user updates their Windows operating system or apply latest updates to the program.

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Also to add to Alex's answer, I would suggest you check the compatibility for the product as per its requirements & the requirements are a bit high seeing the same on the web:

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