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I have Software Informer installed on one computer. Is there a way to have it installed on another one and still just use my account or will I have to make separate accounts for each device?

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In 2009 I started this account and had installed it on my Dell laptop (Windows XP) which I still use. I found you, guys, again and I installed SI Client on my Toshiba Netbook (Windows 7). So I was wondering if I re-install it on my Dell, can I still use my one SI account and will it be able to determine which computer I am using or do I need to make another SI account?

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You can use the SI on as many coms you want, just make sure that you login with the same UserName Password. Once you do that you will be able to view each com on SI page as Julia stated as PC#1, likewise, & you will be able to know each ware installed on each of you com.

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Please install the application on both computers and log in with the same account and then perform a Refresh on both computers. Once the refresh operation completed, click on the number next to Programs installed:. A page will open, giving you information related to your software, users and installed applications. You can manage lists by clicking on the right side over the PC#1 name.

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Thank you! Knew there had to be a way.
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