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Can the files used by MyPostageRateSaver be used on DropBox and thereby shared by various DropBox users?

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I use MyPostageRateSaver and want others to be able to update the addresses. I want to install the files in DropBox and then share the files with others.
MPRS is a database type file and therefore has 5 or 6 different files making up the address list. Can DropBox keep these files synced?
Assume that only one user can make file (address) changes at a time.

Thank you.

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Dropbox does not have any limitations on the uploaded types of files. There is a size limit if you use the web uploader but if you use the desktop uploader then you have no limits. Also, you can share your files with everyone you want.

If you want sync operations, you need to create an account and share it with other people, then when somebody modifies the file, it will become available for all.

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