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I have ZTE mobile broadband. How to use it in Windows 8?

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I have ZTE mobile broadband bundling by Telkomsel Indonesia. I use Windows 8 on my PC, but the broadband does not work. How to use the broadband in Windows 8?

Thank you.

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First, you need to check the manual of the device for the supported operating systems of the software that manages your mobile Internet connection. Secondly, you will need to install drivers and software. Usually, these are bundled together in one package which can be started from the drive that appears when you plug-in the USB device required for the Internet. If the application fails to install you can either install the driver manually using the Device Manager or obtain a new version of the software from ZTE Company. It's known that companies like this one does not provide a support website for their products and instead you will need to visit the carrier's website to obtain latest drivers.

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Driver for ZTE NetConnect X1 for Windows 8.

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