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Why is my PC running slowly?

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My computer is running slowly on everything I do. I tried downloading PC Speed Maximizer, but it won't work because I am asked to pay for the premium version. I am only 17 and have not start work to pay for such programs. I downloaded Adobe Flash Players 11.5, but still my YouTube does not stream correctly. I need to know what to do. Someone, please help me!

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Downloading such applications to improve the performance of your computer is not recommended because they actually don't fix nothing except that they delete some temporary files. My advice is to use CCleaner to uninstall everything you know you don't need, it's not OK or you don't recognize. After you install the program, run it and you will notice some menus on the left side. Click on Tools > Uninstall and remove everything that you don't need. Once you complete this operation, go to Registry and perform a scan. Wipe everything that the software finds, click on Cleaner and clean the files. Once you complete this, I recommend downloading Google Chrome as it's a light web browser.

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