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Compatibility issue concerning BSNL ZTE-EVDO AC8700 device

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Hi Andrew,
I know u have answered to a query similar to this one. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop(3521) yesterday. Even though you have said that ZTE EVDO AC8700 works with other Windows OS but not with Windows 8, would you help me if there is any tweak or patch file that can be done to make the EVDO work with Windows 8 or should I buy a new Data Card? It's like no data card manufactures provide a built external antenna like ZTE EVDO do, so I am kinda attached to it.

Thanks in advance!

Officer Neeraj.

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I have come to a conclusion recently that the problem with these data cards/modems/USB sticks etc. is with the installation part. INF and SYS files are working fine in Windows 8 as long as you install the device using a manual way, in this case I advise you to do the same, but before doing that you should acquire Windows 7 drivers. Extract the package to have access to all files and then use the manual way of installing the drivers for your product by pointing the installation window to the place you've extracted. I will recommend this solution to all users who encounter these problems because I strongly believe it will work, the only requirement is to get these drivers for Windows 7.

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The problem is the drivers are unsigned, so win 8 doesnt install them.
you can still update/install the drivers from the drivers folder in the evdo setup by temporarily disabling the driver signature enforcement (done by restarting win 8 in safe mode and selecting option 7 (probably) for disabling the digi sign check).
Th device works fine until each time you start windows in such mode (driver digi sign check disabled). But when you start windows 8 normally, these driver give error 52 and are restricted from being used.

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