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Clue Finders Year 3 and 4 Adventures on a Windows 7 based computer.

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We have just installed Clue Finders Year 3 and 4 Adventures onto our new Windows 7 computer.
It was going fine until we got to the Lost City and had just finished building the blue bridge.
Then a blurb popped up saying there was a problem and would tell us when there was a solution.
It was working fine on our last Windows-based computer. Does this mean that Windows 7 can’t support this game anymore?

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

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These applications have not been made available for Windows 7. The supported versions of Windows are Windows 98, 2000, Me and XP. As far as I understand, you have experienced an application crash which means that although the software runs well in Windows 7, sometimes you might experience these errors because of compatibility issues. You can try setting Windows XP compatibility mode by right clicking the executable file, choosing Properties and them Compatibility tab.

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