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Why I can't use Internet ?

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I use Windows 7 64bit on a Desktop PC. I want to connect to Internet by my own router but I do not have a Wireless Card on that PC so I use a USB Wireless which should replace the Wireless Card.

I installed the driver of USB Wireless (it was for XP so I changed the compatibility) and I connected to my router. There is showing: Internet Access, but I can not use it when I want to.

Why can't I use my Internet?

PS: Sometimes appears a wireless warning symbol, but it disappears.

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Using drivers in compatibility mode is not recommended because you will encounter errors along the way. Please identify the brand of your USB wireless card and download drivers corresponding to the operating system and the errors should go away. Please notice that the router needs to be configured correctly. I believe a hard reset is needed (press the RESTART button for 30+ seconds) then try to configure it again.

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