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Webcam problems with a built-in Dell webcam

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My 4 year old built-in monitor Dell webcam no longer works on a new Dell XPS850 with Windows 8. Any help, please?

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You can try this site. But frankly speaking I am unable to answer otherwise.

Hope this helps.

Someone, please have a look at this issue and get it solved, if this site does not help.

I tried the Dell website, but there was hardly anything.


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You will need to identify the model of the monitor and look up for drivers for Windows 8. If it's an old device, I doubt that you'll receive updated drivers for this OS. Also you might need to register your deice on the Dell Support website before you try to download any drivers.

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Follow the link below, under the Table of Contents: click on 2: Troubleshooting Webcam Issues, this will guide you to get the webcam issue resolved.

You may also watch the video from the link below to resolve the Webcam issues.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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