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How do I get the appearance of a window wanting to get into my computer discontinued?

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How, or rather what do I have to do to have the window requesting permission for a site to enter my computer discontinued? This appears frequently during each use of my computer browser.

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It seems that you have an add-on installed which annoys you with browser pop-ups. In this case, I recommend checking the add-on gallery (Tools > Add-ons in Firefox, Menu > Tools > Extensions in Chrome and Tools > Manage add-ons in Internet Explorer).

On the other side, it's likely that your computer is infected with malware. If so, you should run an anti-malware application. I recommend using Spybot Search'n'Destory or Malwarebytes Anti-malware.

No matter what the option you choose, perform a full scan of your computer after you update the databases to the latest version in order you get sure that the possible threats are removed successfully.

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