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Browser is too slow

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I now live in Australia. When I use Ultrasurf, my browser works intolerably slow. Is there a way to choose whether to go through the proxy server or not? It always goes via a proxy server even when I don’t go through Ultrasurf, and I have to restore factory defaults to change back.

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There are two possible reasons for this issue:

  1. The slow browsing can be caused by the proxy. If the proxy is too far from you, latency increases, therefore making it harder to browse websites that require good bandwidth. You will either have to switch the proxy or use a local VPN.

  2. If by "slow" you mean the slow performance, check the extensions and delete the unnecessary ones. Additionally, clear the cache and temporary files, then relaunch it.

Tip: Avoid using apps that protect your anonymity. Or at least use something that's fast and reliable. TOR Browser is a good alternative, if you want to try something else.

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