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What is the difference between a black and white 2D and 3D barcode generator?

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What is the difference between a black and white 2D and 3D BAR code generator?

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Do you mean linear(1D) and matrix(2D) barcodes demonstrated above? The difference includes:
1. Encoding pattern. A 1D barcode holds data horizontally, while a 2D barcodes holds data both horizontally and vertically, like in a QR Code or Data Matrix barcode.
2. Data capacity. A 2D barcode can encode way more data than a 1D one.

You can get more information here:

1. 2D Barcodes from Wikipedia

2. QR Code Introduction

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A 2D barcode generator exports barcodes in the standard format (the usual barcodes with straight lines) when in 3D, the codes are black blocks scattered randomly on a white squared background.





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2D Techniques

Two-dimensional barcodes are made up of vertical lines because they only carry information horizontally. In these bar codes, information is indicated by the distance between and thickness of lines, which is read by a laser reader. Additionally, two-dimensional barcodes can make use of different layers to communicate larger amounts of information per code.

The second type of barcode commonly known as a 3D barcode is sometimes called a QR code. QR codes are square black and white images that transmit information horizontally as well as vertically. These codes are unique because they do not need a specialized reader, but can be read by lasers, mobile phones and other mobile devices.

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