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ActiveTreeView registration problem

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I have updated my Windows XP to Windows 7 and I have installed ActiveTreeView 1.0.

The software installed successfully but it fails to launch. While trying to register online for the registration of Activelist bar, Active threadplus, Active treeview and Datawidgets it is giving an error like: "Sheridan Registration Wizard was unable to register".

In data widget while accessing ‘Conversion Utility(16 & 32bit)’ and ‘Data widgets 16-bit Grid Editor’ it is giving an error: "Error accessing the system registry". On accessing Data Widgets 32-bit Grid Editor it is giving a: "Run time error’.
On trying to register "Trial unlock and online registration" I am getting an error: ‘Electronic registration failed'.

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You encounter these errors because the software has no compatibility with the Windows 7 operating system. Even if you try to run in compatibility mode, it will not work. However, ActiveTreeView has been embedded into Ultrasuite thus enabling support for newer operating systems so you'll need to use it if you want it to be compatible with Windows 7.

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