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My Dolby Advanced Audio v2 driver is not compatible with Windows 8

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I install Windows 8 Professional x64 on my Acer AS5750G and lost my driver called Dolby Advanced Audio V2. Microsoft experts said that the official website of Dolby has no available drivers and they recommended to contact Acer Support. I have done that but the Acer Support is unresponsive (it has already been two days and I ain't got any response).


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As Windows 8 was released some days ago, not all drivers are available for Windows 8 and in your case all you can do is stick with your current operating system which provides good functionality for your driver and periodically check on Acer Support for the latest drivers available for your product. Only then perform the upgrade of your operating system.

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Hi, I just got the exact same problem, but not with an Acer laptop, and am very proud to have found the solution !!!

  1. First, be sure that your audio driver is the real Windows 8 compatible. I mean, maybe your audio works without problems, but in reality, you've not upgraded it to the official Windows 8 driver. So, because there are many chances that your audio is by Realtek, their Realtek High Definition Audio driver for Windows 8 is here :


  1. You must install Dolby Advanced Audio v2 for Windows 8. Quite surprisingly, I didn't find it on Dolby website, not even on my laptop's manufacturer's website (Medion, and I really wonder who ever got any useful support from them ...), but on their competitor Lenovo's website :

I thought it would only work with Lenovo computers, but it did with mine !

But, very important, don't skip step 1, because, then, step 2 won't work ! It took me a f... while to realize it !

Hope I've been useful to you.

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I tried the Lenovo link, however got a PCEE needs to be installed message.. What else needs to be done?

Thanks guys..

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Hi guys.
I have ACER AS5755G notebook and i've same problem with u. Also i tried Yves Ligot's way; but i got error message which includes "PCEE needs to be installed"

Can anyone help us?


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HELLO!!!!! Hey guys I have been struggling with this problem for weeks! I had already given up but I got bored at work today and thought I'd tackle it again. I SOLVED IT!!! First, Download the Conexant Audio driver thing from the support website. install it. then go into the control panel of your computer, go to device manger, go to sounds, and UNINSTALL the driver. I know it sounds scary lol but I did it. Then it makes you restart the computer. Then Magically it works!!!

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Sounds like for the most part the presets have a good amount of boost, meaning it's just making the music louder, which our ears naturally perceive as better. Good if your speakers don't go loud enough, otherwise relatively useless program. Volume normalizer works across the frequency band of all sources, even if there is only one source playing, which means it is just flattening the EQ curve of everything which is horrible for listening to music. Not to mention annoying since it changes your EQ curve if you try to create a custom one. Should just work as a program level attenuator like a real normalizer does. There are better options out there that offer more control and better quality

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