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Dolby Advanced Audio V2 hangs in Windows 8

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I installed Windows 8 PRO upgrade. First I was trying the downloaded version which didn't work as my newly bought Medion laptop had loads of problems. I had to wait for DVD I paid for as well as for the download. This laptop had Windows 7.

Anyway half, the programs didn't work and some of my drivers tried re-installing some things and some worked some didn't.

I am having problems with Dolby Advanced Audio V2, it won't run and I can't re-install drivers etc., and when I restart after updates or new installed programs it won't restart quickly, it goes through the process then hangs. After about 30 -60 mins the Start button flashes then I have to press it in order to restart it.

Any help is appreciated.

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Windows 8 is a newly released operating system. It was designed to recognize and install drivers automatically. The problem is with the specific laptop models which require specific customized drivers. In this case, you will need to visit the support page of the laptop and download its corresponding drivers because Windows, in some cases, will not install the right drivers.

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Hi Alex
I have tried using the drivers from MEDION they are updated drivers but stilll win 7 which had to be installed before doing the upgrade to win 8

I have had nothing but problems with win 8 and trying to get answers from the tech line is imossible was on the phone to them twice for over a hour the first time and the second call they wasnt must use seemd more interesrted in how long we had owned the laptp and when purchased and when purchased the win 8 upgrade as there is limited help to 90days i think

anyway cheers will keep trying or hope a newer driver is released will contact my manufacturer see if i can get some sense from them as they say its a straight forward ugrade i cant see how when its taken me 3 months to almost get it right

thanks for the help


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