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How can I make "SweetIM" leave my computer alone?

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How can I make "SweetIM" leave my computer alone?

At least once a day, I get a pop-up wanting me to install something and I do not want to!

I have deleted it from my computer as best I can, but, I clearly did not get it all out. When I search my computer for "SweetIM", I find this: "cc20121009164955".

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Terry Shirley

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These applications are considered adware. It means that they will overwhelm you with ads and strange offers that pop up out of nowhere while you browse or use the computer. Clearly, this type of programs cannot be removed so easily once they got installed in your computer.

In this case, you will need to take another approach to the problem. An anti-malware application will easily remove these by performing intelligent scans of depth areas of your computer (registry, hidden folders, encrypted files, etc). For this type of job. I recommend you to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Spybot Search'N'Destroy. Both applications will scan the computer and delete everything they find suspicious or malware related.

The installation of these programs is no different than others. A setup package goes with a set of install instructions (usually automated) and that's it. No matter what the software is, you will need to perform a database update (which is free in both cases) before actually scanning your computer. When the scan is over, results will be presented to you in a detailed way. You will have the option to keep or delete the results in case you don't know what to do but if you see the results in red, then they should be deleted among with their corresponding files. No worry though, the deletion process is entirely automatic.

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