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Is it possible to read iBooks on my PC?

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iBooks are fantastic, when I stay at home, I prefer the big screen to enjoy these books, but I do not know the correct method to transfer iBooks from my phone to PC, can any one help me?

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I am afraid that iBook files can be read only on an iOS device. The future is uncertain regarding their usability on Windows PCs.

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iBooks do not allow us to read them on pc, because they are protected and pc can not relieve the limitation by itself. But there is a method how to do that. Surf the web.

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In iTunes, click on your device and "Transfer purchases". It copies the books to your local hard disk. The rest depends on OS you use.

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Of course you can. Most of iBooks support ePub.For this iPubsoft ePub Creator is helpful for making ePub files from HTML, MOBI, TXT, Word, PDF, etc.with fast speed and superb quality. Then you can easily make your own ePub eBooks with excellent quality and read it.Have a nice trial.

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