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Is it possible to play an online PC game on my phone?

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I want to play a game on my phone but it is an online PC game. It is called Stronghold Kingdoms, so my question is whether I can play this kind of game on phone?

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no, it isnt possible unless that particular game is available for your cell phone's OS.

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nope i dont think unless it is a smart phone

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It is. If you use HTC You see you can play
Mirrors Edge On it.

This is mirrors edge you can play it here:

The game depends on mobile phone that will it play or not. In android cell phones it plays many games. HTC plays many.
Here is a list it plays:

1.Halo 3
2.Assains Creed
3.Gravity Guy
4.Mirrors Edge

There are many more but it really depends on you're cell phone. For example take nokia c3. It will surely not play These games of which i gave example.
Thank You.

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if you want to play a PC game on your phone you can get a remote logon over the internet.

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if the android version is available for this game than you can easily play it on mobile.

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No, even though you can download it to your mobile phone, you cannot open it. You can check whether the game you like have a mobile phone version or not. Some games do have the PC version and mobile device version, like Plant vs. Zombies.

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Absolutely not, unless there's a version of Stronghold Kingdoms available for your phone.

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it really isnt not unless that game isnt meant for your phone then you cant get it((:

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if you have android phone you can play games like this.

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Nowadays, developers choose to expand their profits by investing into the mobile category and, let's say that for an amount of 40-50 % of the released games on other platforms are also released for mobiles. The most common platforms are iOS and Android ones. You should check on the developer's page for information related to the game you want to play. If it's available you will find it on the AppStore or Google Play Store.

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