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How to remove Lenovo Port Locker?

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Hi, I've had my Lenovo laptop for a year and realized that I've forgot the original password that I've set up for the Port Locker since I've first used it and now every time I've connected to a external drive, such as external HDD, memory card or any USB devices that I cannot access to as I can't remember the password.

Even if I've changed my log-in password for entering my Windows system as an admin or a user, still requires the original password that was set up for the Port Locker.

Also I can't even uninstall the software from my programs list either, as to do so I need the original password again to remove completely.

Is there a way that I can rid of the Port Locker and not losing any of my stuff or another way to reset the Port Locker so I can enter a new password?

Thank you, if anyone can help me on this!

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You will need to install Lenovo Security Suite which will detect the application giving you access and rights to disable it although you don't have your password. Install the application and let it scan for security applications. Once the Port Locker is found, click on it and select Disable then you can remove it from the uninstallation menu.

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You may use Total Unistaller for remove pre-installed program with the laptop or PC. Weather there will be better option to use another port lock privacy protection software instead Lenovo defaults like this :

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