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What to do if my phone was stolen?

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I changed carriers on six Android cell phones and the telephone numbers as well and and when I went to the library, the person encoded the search bar. He stole all my emails. Opens accounts with them in my name with indecent pictures?

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You need to log in to your email accounts and quickly change the password and deactivate all the associated devices.

After you do this, login to Google Play and use the Find My Phone feature to wipe the phone completely or issue the command and when the phone will connect to the Internet, the operation will start automatically.

Call the carrier company where you have the SIM card and report the theft. They will block it.

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Log in to "Find My Phone" on another device with the same email account you used to login on stolen phone and erase everything.

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Login to your Google's "Find My Phone" page with same email that you are using in device and check the current location of device. You ca erase phone data from dashboard as well.

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