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I've lost my data because of the virus

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I've found out that all folders on my PC turned into shortcuts. There' s no data in them. What should I do? Is it a virus? How to restore my data?

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Try to use NORTON COMMANDER...Your files and folders are surely hidden by what you need to do is scan first your disk when its clean and still files are not displayed that means they're all hidden. NORTON COMMANDER is one utility you can use to recover your files and folders....


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if you install a powerfull antivirus such as avira your problem would be solved It can easily be downloaded from the internet from various websites

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I ever came across this kind of case and fixed it with the following steps(which was posted in

Connect your pen/flash/external drive to your computer.
Go to My Computers and check what drive it is assigned for example F: or G: drive. Lets assume its G: (replace it with correct letter as applicable in your case).
Click on “Start” –>”Run”–> type cmd and hit OK. This will start command prompt.
Enter the following command and hit “Enter”.
attrib -H -R -S /S /D G:\*.* 

What's more, from this case, it shows that backing up your computer to secure cloud storage is very important. It can help you protect your important data from partial or total loss. Based on my experience in data protect through backing up important files, I think Backup Cow is a reliable auto-sync freeware to help avoid data loss and restore your backups when you need it. I highly recommend it.

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I think you should think of getting AVG it is a great anti virus and most off all it,s free!!!

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Yes, the virus is from the "rogue" category. It modifies certain system files, registry and settings making you believe something is wrong with your computer and it suggests that you use a custom tool to repair it or even worse, replace the faulty hardware part.

Try and download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and perform a Full Scan of your computer. With a bit of luck your system will be disinfected and the folder structure will return to its normal parameters.

In case the anti-malware tool fails to clean the system, then I advise you to perform fresh installation of the operating system because these rogue viruses are hard to remove.

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