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How can I identify a virus? What kind of file is it using?

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How can I identify a virus? What kind of file it is using?

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You can try McAfee SecurityCenter, because I've got that on my laptop and it usually pops up at the side of the screen. You can check on it (if you've got it) and it comes up what the virus is, it's source, what you can do about it, how many files it's checked and you can also do a quick computer scan, although you might have to wait quite a while for it to reach 100%. Hope this helps!

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Unidentified files or exe with some starnge names. Aslo, some virus can be bundled with third party programs you download from the insecure sites as an extensio or add-on.

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Viruses hide in all file formats and could be from a TXT file to a DLL file and so on. What matters is the information that it is stored inside the header of a file. The best way to identify viruses is to use an antivirus because these applications scan the headers of the files in order to identify a potential threat.

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