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Why does Mac Informer constantly use the CPU?

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Activity Monitor shows me that Mac Informer (version 0.6.5 beta) is routinely the app that uses the most CPU (sometimes up to 50%), even when I'm not actively using it. I can see no good reason for this. It suggests to me that either the app is buggy, or it's up to no good. Could someone please shed some light on this?

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You should forward this inquiry to the developers because in case of a bug to fix it to avoid these situations. I have the Mac Informer client installed on my OSX 10.12 as well and it's running normally without errors. I've checked the Activity Monitor as well and didn't find it to consume processing power, only when I search or download or it's doing its thing.

Access the following link to reach the support page where you can create a ticket with this issue.

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