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Where can I get a free autoclicker for MAC OS X that repeats certain click locations?

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I'm playing a game where in order to get money, you go to the job, click a thing then go back, sleep, and then repeat the actions. I there a free auto-clicker program for this purpose?

I'm on a MAC OS X.

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You can have the autoclicker feature using AppleScript editor found in the Utilities menu.

Open the application and use this sample code and customize it for your own needs:

repeat 1 times
delay 2   // modify the delay for each action
tell application "System Events"
tell application process "YOURGAME" //add the name of the application or browser
delay 2
click (click at {300, 300}) // the coordinates of the autoclick location, just add yours

If you want additional actions, simply add a delay string and then a click string. Copy and paste the code without my comments "// comment"

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