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Explain error, tripping time and protective device is not disconnecting.

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Hello, could you explain what I should do with this error?

"The tripping time of the protective device exceeds the required disconnecting time for earth fault currents. However, the distribution board is specified to be equipped with equipotential bonding, thereby fulfilling the requirement for fault protection.
The tripping time of the protective device for fault currents exceeds 5s."

And I need to use 1250A breaker, cable max load is 1300A, when I'm using it, I'm getting this error "The protective device is not disconnecting the fault current(s) fast enough due to the heating of the cable/busbar."

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All the documentation and files for this software are in a different language other than English. I've downloaded the main installation package, but it installed something else. that it doesn't have a connection to FebDok Hist. Also, Google doesn't provide anything about the error you've received. Therefore, if you have the software installed, go to the installation folder and use the available files to locate the thing you need.

Additionally, get in touch with the official developers using the following details:

Nelfo Telefon:02308
Fra utlandet:+47 23 08 77 00
Telefaks:22 56 82 12

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