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Why won't my BBM turn on or connect?

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Why won't my BBM turn on or connect?

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As any other application BBM uses Internet to retrieve data from servers or any new notifications so in this case the phone needs to be connected to a WiFi network or to use the data from the carrier's network. This is related to the connection issues. On the other hand, if the application is not starting properly, you can always perform a new installation by visiting its official page. You will need to have an active account in order to download the application.

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I had this problem last night and like the other users in the BlackBerry support forum said, I rechecked if I was in an area with good network coverage and if the dates and time in my phone is current (answer: yes, they were). This is silly because if you're using BBM on iPhone like I do, there is no way your dates are going to be non-current as iPhone doesn't allow users to manually reset the time. What could have been be non-current in iPhone is your iOS 7. If you haven't already downloaded the latest iOS, do it, and then try to reconnect to your BBM. It should then work fine for you, no need to restart the phone or reinstall the program. Good luck! Now for this iOS update make sure you are connected to a good network because I heard if you disrupt the process then you will screw up big time because iPhone is not designed for third world countries where a good network can be considered a scarce commodity.

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