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Extract data to excel from DeltaEC.

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asked Apr 26 by Salam Hairab about DeltaEC
edited Apr 28 by Robert Polubinski

I want to extract the result that is used in the plot, and I can't find a way to export it from DeltaEC to Excel.

1 Answer

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answered Apr 28 by Robert Polubinski (221,940 points)
edited May 30 by Marco Jauch 1

I've installed the application, but it doesn't have Excel export. The only way to add the data into Excel is through manual Copy - Paste because the .OUT files are actually plain text format. You can simply open them in Notepad and then copy their content to the Excel.

This is the only way and I've tested it. It works and the data is displayed correctly in Excel. No other tweaks are required for this job.

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