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How to configure IP camera on Android phones with P2P ID?

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I usually use Smart Meye app for connecting my DVR devices though my Android phones. And it works very fine. Nevertheless "Smart meye" doesn't succeed, even with local IP address or P2P ID. Can you show me how do I succeed adding any IP cameras into Smart Meye, please?

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I've installed the application and it's working just fine. I have a DVR set up with 8 cameras and as soon as I installed the application, it appeared to add the necessary cameras. To add them manually, carefully read through all the details that you need to fill or you'll encounter issues.

Press on the PLUS sign then manually add the details of your cameras or through the DVR and they will appear. The cameras need to have their configuration set up as well in their Settings menu.

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Thank you for your answer. Nevertheless I need you to tell me If it's possible to the IP cameras on the Smart Meye app for Android phones. Then if yes, can you show me the way to do that?
Thank you guys

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Yes, you can use IP cameras. After you start the software, press the Plus button, then input the IP, username and password, along with the PORT. The port is very important because with a wrong one you'll get a connection failed. To see the Administration port, log-in manually on your camera and access its network settings.
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I tried this way, maybe I don't make it good.
I use the "Megapixel IP Camera" and it has 5 kinds of ports: RTSP port, OnVif port, Http port, Video port and Record port. No problems with the IP, username and password, because I can display the view of this camera on Internet Explorer.
Please what of these ports have I to set to display this IP camera on my phone? Thank you dears

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