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How do I install GSE SMART IPTV on an Amazon Firestick?

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How do I install GSE SMART IPTV on an Amazon Firestick?

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You have to enable Unknown Sources in the Amazon Firestick's configuration menu. It's under the Settings > System > Developer options. After this procedure, download the APK file from the following link:

You will also need an application to transfer the files. For this operation, adbLink is recommended:

Tutorial to transfer files:

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Thank you Stephen, much appreciated. I assume I do most, if not all of this, using the ES Explorer on the Firestick?? Cheers, Martin.
commented by (140 points) it all done over wifi via a PC and using only the IP address of the Firestick? Sorry, I'm fairly new to all this?? Cheers. Martin.
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You can do it through WiFi, where the Amazon Stick and the PC where you install the application are on the same network. In AdbLink, press NEW and add the IP of the Firestick, then you can push APK and install it. Yes, you can also use ES File Explorer to navigate through the menus to install the app if you decide to transfer the package to its internal storage.
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Thanks for everyone's help. Sounds like the PC and Wifi are the way to install it. Working through ES File Explorer using the Firestick remote (no keyboard/keypad) could be a nightmare! Thanks again, Martin.
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I got round it by downloading fire stick Remar
The control to my iOS phone , this way is far easier

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